Last update was on: April 21, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between German or American Bred?
A:This is the million dollar question! And I have to say the it all depends on the individual owner. You need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a German Shepherd? What do you want to do with your german shepherd? If you want to show in the AKC show ring then you need to find a kennel who breeds American bred show dogs. If you are looking for a dog to work in Schutzhund you need to look for a Breeder who breeds for Schutzhund. If you want a pet then both have their pet quality dogs.For a pet there are breeder that raise them for the families in mind.

Q: Is that a German Shepherd?
A: If you're talking about an all black shepherd, then yes it is a german shepherd. The GSD comes in many different colors and solid black is one of them.   colors

Q: Why do they stand like that?
A: In the show ring they stack the dogs to show all the correct angles. The correct GSD has the outlines of smooth curves rather then square angles and stacking them this way shows them off. If you have a GSD at home he/she would probably stand that way too if you stacked them.Originally a herding dog they stand this way ready for any attack from preditors or alert to a sheep that may be too far from the herd. 

Q: How can I join the club?
A: Come to a meeting and fill out an application.

Q: How can I find a breeder in my area?
A: Go to our breeders list or call the club phone at 206-522-9010

Q: Where can I find a trainer?
A: Go to our Trainers Page.

Q:Where can I find information on german shepherds HERDING and what do they herd?
A: We have many members in our club that herd Sheep and there are a number of trainers in our area. The German Shepherd Dog was originally bred for herding sheep but since there is not a big demand for herding sheep now-a-days we have found it fun to trial and exercise our dogs herding. I will try to get a herding trainers list on asap. Herding Trainers List

Q: Where can I find a breeder that breeds large German Shepherds?
A: Do your homework. Go to the breeders' website and check out breeders who say their dogs are larger. The parents are a good indication if the puppy will be large. the standard is 22" to 24" for females and the males are 24" to 26". If you are wanting larger maybe you are thinking of a Shilo Shepherd but beware: Shilos are Number 26 in breeds for worse hips.

Q:  How well do German Shepherd's adapt to moving into a new house?
A: As long as there is a bond between the dog and owner, the shepherd will adapt to a new house and territory. It is best to walk your dog and show him the new boundaries everyday to let him get use to it.

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