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German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State, Inc.

Name ____________________________________________Date____________________
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Why do you want to join this club?  ______________________________________________

How many German Shepherds do your own?  _______Females  ______ Males   ______Puppies

How long have you owned German Shepherds? ________________

Do you own more than one breed? __________  If so, what?____________________________

How many litters a year do you breed? ____________________

Check which areas you are working your dog in  ____Conformation _____Rally   _____Herding   ______Agility  _____Obedience   ____Therapy   ____Tracking   ___Schutzhund   ____ Other

Please list any other dog clubs you belong to: ________________________________________

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Areas of Interest you are willing to help with?  (please mark all that apply)

____Obedience  ____Rally   ____Conformation   ____Herding   ____Hospitality (Meetings)

____ Shows   ____Other Events

Please be advised there is a 3-month waiting period after your introduction at a meeting before applications are reviewed and voted on.  A condition of membership is to have an “active” status in the club, which means attending club functions, meetings, and participating by helping with different functions as needed.

Members are required to attend at least 2 club meetings in a calendar year and support two club events either by donations or working at them (excluding the auction and Christmas party) in order to renew their membership the following year.

Membership dues are ($35 single - $50 household) payable to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Wash. State, Inc.  (Dues will be refunded if membership process is not completed within 6 months of receipt of check.)

Signature of Applicant/s  _____________________________________  Date___________

Date Received __________  Date Presented_____________  Date Approved_____________

Send completed form to: Amanda Hackbarth

7723 – 202nd Street Ct. E.

Spanaway, WA  98387

Rev. Nov. 1, 2012 

Of the
GSDC of Washington St Inc
(See By-Laws for full description of responsibilities)

Publications: Responsible for publication of the Club Newspaper,"The Northwest Shepherd News". Includes all aspects of writing, printing & mailing the newspaper.
Refreshments: Responsible for refreshments at Club meetings & all club-sponsored functions, such as matches, specialty shows, etc.
Scent Hurdle: Responsible for scent  hurdles, team practices & exhibitions for various organizations. These activities help promote the breed & the Club.
Hospitality: Responsible for sending cards & flowers to members, coordinating judges' transportation, lodging, dinners, etc.& with show chairman as needed.
Ways & Means: Responsible for selling equipment, books etc., at club meetings and other events, the brag box and other money making projects such as raffles, etc.
Obedience: Responsible for club-sponsored training classes, obedience educational programs & obedience judging seminars.
Publicity: Responsible for all matters of advertising & public notification of public events.
Historian: Responsible for maintaining the club's historical records of all club-sponsored activities, current members, show & match results, etc.
Education: Responsible for educational programs (except obedience) at club meetings, conformation training matches, judging classes, etc.
Tracking: Responsible for coordination of tracking activities and training, annual tracking test & promoting tracking within and outside the club.
Sanction Matches: Responsible for all aspects of holding at least 2 sanction matches each year.
Specialty Show: (Presided over by the First Vice President) Responsible for all aspects of club sponsored specialty shows & obedience trials.
Membership: Responsible for process of new members' application & approval and encouragement of membership in the club.
Futurity Show: Responsible for all aspects of holding Futurities in accordance with the rules & regulations of the GSDC of America, Inc.
Ethics: Responsible for investigation of grievances against club members.
Herding: Responsible for herding activities, sanctioned herding events, trials and promoting interest in herding within & outside the club.
"Special" committees may be formed throughout the year for various projects & pursuits. Please see any club member for information about special committees.
Your help in any of the above committees is welcome. Please contact the membership chairperson for more details.
Membership Application
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